About Turner & Associates

Established by Ron Turner in 1976, Turner & Associates has played a significant role in the development around Lake Tahoe.  As a small family business, we take pride in serving both Tahoe’s private land owners, businesses and government agencies by providing the best land surveying value in the area.

The Turner family has resided in South Lake Tahoe since 1963.  Ron and Sue Turner moved to Tahoe when it was a sleepy little town with few year-round residents.  They had two sons, Mark and Jeff, both graduates of South Tahoe High School.  After serving in the Air Force, Jeff joined Ron at Turner & Associates in 1988, and the father-and-son team has worked together since.  Jeff is married to Carrie Turner, a local veterinarian, and they have one son.


Ronald W. Turner,  CA P.L.S.  
President, Principal Surveyor

California Professional Surveyor License 4029
Nevada Professional Surveyor License 3519
Licensed Nevada Water Rights Surveyor

Prior to the founding of Turner & Associates, Inc., Ron was employed as a land surveyor by both private and public agencies.  His work included design and construction survey activities for several developments in Northern California and Nevada.

He has substantial experience in re-tracement of public land surveys, document research and water rights surveys, with an emphasis on ground control planning for aerial topographic mapping, and coordination between developers, photogrammetrists and engineers.

Ron has been a registered Land Surveyor in California since 1972 and in the State of Nevada since 1973.  He is also a registered Water Rights Surveyor in the State of Nevada.

Jeffery W. Turner,  CA P.L.S.
Principal Surveyor

California Professional Surveyor License 7946
Nevada Professional Surveyor License

Jeff is currently in charge of new business, quality assurance, managing field crews, technology advancement, and GPS.

He specializes in boundary retracement projects, boundary line surveys, encroachments and lot line adjustments, construction staking, and project facilitation.  Due to his expertise in the land survey field, he has been asked serve as an expert witness on several occasions.

Jeff performs all bathometric surveys, and is also particularly knowledgeable in advising clients who require FEMA elevation certificates.

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